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    My Name is Julio Armas. I am one of the Presidents of Die Hard Raiders Booster Club and Co-Founder of Die Hard Raiders Brand. Im originally from San Fernando, CA but now live in Chandler, AZ. I was born on July 14 1977, I am a Cancer. At my age Ive learned a lot, Ive learned to be passionate about what you do, who you are and what you believe in. Ive always been passionate about the teams I cheer for. I grew up watching the Raiders. Watching Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen. At an early age I didnt understand the Xs & Os of the game but I understood what Al Davis had created. I wanted to be a part of the rebel team he created that so many teams in the league hated or feared. I say over the last 20 years that Ive been really paying attention and following the Raiders I can say Al Davis really did it his way. He did anything he wanted to do no matter what anyone thought of him, who criticized him or who tried to stop him. He faced every challenge with Pride and he still raised his head up high no matter what the outcome was. Thats whats passionate about the Raiders. Living with pride, doing what you want to do and doing it your way. No matter how many times you fall get back up and do it again. I dont have a single special game memory I have many, but I do have a childhood memories I will never forget. Growing up with an elderly neighbor named Robert Pacheco SR. He would watch the games with his house windows opened, volume turned up to max and I can hear the game from my bedroom window or back yard. I sometimes try to replica that. I am commited to making the Die Hard Raiders the best Oakland Raiders booster club in Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa and all of Arizona!
    Julio Armas